Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ambassador/Ale Stars Session

After years in the making, finally the out-takes of the Beer Ambassadors trip to the States are available online.  We were supposed to show this last night, but for a few reason, one being time, two being doubts on the audio quality and three being Miro had forgotten to bring the can now understand how Miro 'Just Keep Rollin' Bellini ended up on a fat Mexican dudes couch!

I have edited out the clip with Owen (Moo Brew) and I sampling next years Imperial Stout in the bowels of Moorilla Estate (from oak barrels none the less!).  I just returned from a dirt bike trip on the east coast of Tassie with the Moo guys and will post the vid along with some photos soon.

Thanks everyone who supported us and the Taphouse with their attendance last night.



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