Thursday, June 10, 2010


Arrived in Denver today....first stop Great Divide...great guys and good brews.  Hit was the barrel Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Stout and the Titan IPA.

Had the Hercules on tap...the bottles we had in melbourne over 6 months ago were way hoppier...the tap version i had lacked alot of hops...craft beer variation i guess.  All solid brews..however nothing hoppy compared to West Coast pales and IPA's from San Diego. 

Small bar in a great city, after seeing the size of the brew house, I am surprised we got any bottled stock of this at all!

Of to Avery tomorrow...a little scared! Some guy named TRUCK has vowed to drink us under the table and beat us all in an arm wrestling competition!


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  2. Just read the whole post and saw that you're headed to Avery next. Good move! Mountain Sun or Southern Sun brewpubs very laid back places to continue on if you choose to do so. So many breweries... so little time...

    Ian M.

  3. Hi Tommy,
    Can you add the url for each of the breweries you visit, and maybe a map with a line drawn on it showing the entire road trip, so I get a sense of where you are going.
    Very very envious - I salivate while watching each vid.
    Tez Tickle

  4. Hey Tez,
    I am not doing the uploading/updating but will give you an idea for next bit, Fort Collins (New Belgium etc), San Francisco (Anchor & others) then driving north to Portland/Seattle, brewery list includes all the best that we can fit it!
    Catch up when we get back,