Saturday, June 19, 2010

Welcome to the Rogue Army

There is a certain kind of awesome macho-ness about boats, BBQ's and big beers.  Newport has it all.  The Rogue Brewery has been somewhat of a highlight on our itinerary mainly because of its relatively wide availability in Australia. 

Jim Cline, Vice President/Manager, met us at the bar where we were enjoying our first beer for the day, the Rogue Morimoto Imperial Pilsner (8.8%abv).   The original Rogue Brewery has been put together with around 13 different types of wood salvaged from a local lumbar yard.  Nothing quite matches up.  Scattered throughout the traditional brewing equipment you will find converted dairy and medical equipment.  None of it bought brand new.

Rogue is by no means the biggest brewing operation we have seen so far.  Every beer in their range comes from this 100 barrel brew house.  But they are arguably the furthers reaching American craft beer into the Australian market.

Tasting highlights  on draught were the XS Imperial IPA, Yellow Snow IPA, Morimoto Pilsner, the hot dogs (smothered in minced beef and black beans) and the oysters...first boiled, then BBQ'd and boiled again in garlic and butter.

We also visited the Rogue distillery and tasted some fine whiskeys and gins.  Though the whiskeys are only aged for a short time on new American white oak, only a fraction of the evaporated spirit is used, 5-7 gallons out of the initial 150 gallons.


No visit to Rogueland is complete without being sworn in to the Rogue Army...and this was no exception. 


  1. not to nitpick, but the Rogue Brewery is not on the Rogue River. Newport is the headwaters for the Yaquina River. Rogue Ales used to be brewed with waters that became part of the Rogue River when they were founded years ago, however today they do not brew with water from the Rogue river.

  2. You have your facts a little off when you talk about their use of spirit-aging barrels to age beer. There are two beers available right now that were aged in whiskey or gin barrels; one's called the John John (whiskey) and the other's called gin-aged Juniper Dead Guy (this is distinct from the regular Juniper).

  3. Sounds good! We just spent the weekend hanging with John Maier, (along with 1,000 other beer nerds,) and enjoying the wonderful Glen strong ale.

  4. Hey guys! Next Monday looms. Are ye coming by Detroit to hang with us?

  5. The best beer store in Michigan is in Dearborn (where I work),& our home is Allen Park, right next door. What are your plans? Are you visiting Jolly Pumpkin on the way to Chicago? It would be a damn shame to miss this unique brewery. If you don't have it organized, I can do this-let me know. Sunday/Monday works for us, and you can stay with us if you want. We could meet at the best beer bar/restaurant Detroit has to offer (Slows BarBQ), or at Chez Cicerone where I've heard one can get a decent beer also.