Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stone Brewery Co. Escondido

Today was Stone Brewery, an awesome place. Has to be one of the best beer gardens we have ever seen. Food was awesome. Thirty one beers on tap, twenty of which are not Stone beers. These guys take the approach that craft breweries need to work together to change the drinking choices of the masses.

Favourite Beer: Stone Smoked Porter
Favourite Food: Wild Boar Baby Back Ribs

Thanks Ken and Jamie for taking good care of us.


  1. Yike, that is an impressively awesome beer bar for sure! The sight just makes me thirsty. Extra awesome to hear that a brewery is offering heaps of other choices for craft beer too...that's the way to do it...help the masses find something that works for them.

    Thanks for bringing it to us!

  2. Can you add a subscribe by email gadget Barney? That way people will be emailed with any update you post.

    Souns like you're off to a good start! R u enjoying yourselves??